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Where have I been?

by Andrew Brown on 17 May, 2014

Well, that has been a short/long two and a half months. Short because I don’t know where it’s gone, long because I have done sooo much in the meantime.

When I posted my last blog, I anticipated making regular updates but, well, campaigning has expanded to fill the time I’ve not been at work! Whether it be writing or editing literature, doing deliveries or being out canvassing, I’ve not been short of things to do.

It’s been a great experience, especially with canvassing: there’s nothing quite like getting out on doorsteps all over the ward and talking to people. Finding out what their concerns are and what they like about what our current Councillors (Mark Bailey and Alf Havvock). It’s a bit weird when people know your name before you’ve even introduced yourself though!

As you’d imagine, different issues come up depending on where in the ward you happen to be. The most common are parking, road and transport issues. The state of our streets and provision for teens are other issues which have been raised.

Strangely, education has not come up as often as I thought it would: when I’ve raised it, parents have generally been happy with provision for their children. People are also great fans of our parks, particularly Victoria Park and Perrett’s Park, and the regular activities their action groups co-ordinate.

If I’m elected, those doorstep conversations are going to be invaluable in informing my decisions as a Councillor, as I seek to represent the interests of residents in the ward and help make it an even better place for all of us.

Whilst I’ve got plenty to chew on, though, I’m not going to stop there: I’ll keep on with the door-knocking and keeping in touch with folks, though maybe not on quite so time-consuming a schedule. After all, I don’t want it to be another three months before the next post on these pages!


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  2. ... says:

    Sounds like a good person for the job. The opposite of the generally self serving councillors.

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